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Flat Panel System

Our package systems can operate as open circuit or closed circuit. Our closed circuit products prevent solar liquid loss. Maximum hygiene and durability is aimed with DIN-4753 enamel coating. In addition, our company with Mg-Anode, enamel preservation to maximize durability and aims to use for years without problems. The external insulation of our products is 50mm polyurethane insulation and keeps hot water for a long time. Our solar collectors are able to withstand all weather conditions with their features. Our one-piece stand model tightly wraps the tanks and collectors. It also has an aesthetic appearance. The working principle of our products is natural circulation. In other words, the solar liquid heats up inside the collector and its density decreases to the top. Our boilers are double storeyed and they go to the surrounding area of ​​the tank which we call the double layer and provide the heat transfer to the domestic water in the main tank. The solar liquid that provides heat conduction and cools is returned to the collector and heats up. Such is a continuous circulation and heat conduction. Any pump for circulation etc. is not needed. Water circulation is easy as the collector and tank interconnections are stainless chrome. İNCİ Solar Energy Systems will heat your water for you for many years.