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  • Vacuum Tube

300 LT - Mid. Size - Chrome System

Our systems are used in the vacumm tube 36s pieces 47x1800mm glass tubes length. Storage capacity of 180lt 240lt 300lt and 340 lt are divided into four In these systems 30-80-145 lt extension tank used. In extension tang used chrome-nickel stainless steel float ball. Internal storage plate 304 the outer coverin 430 quality stainless stell plate. Repositories to provide insulation between the inner tank and outer stealth was placed 5 cm polyurethane insulation. Wacumm tubes used our system nested been obtained by conbining two of the tube. Selective in the interior of the tube surface. Combination air vacuum between the two tubes. This, heat loss may occur when tubes are minimized. Vacuum tubes solar water heater can be used in even the severe winter conditions. Store in glass tubes used in loyurethane insulation and vacuum ait warmed up in the system is designed tı maintain the tempereture of the water for a long time. Vacuum tubes used in system in provided